Hi all, my name is Jimmy Cho. I was born and raised in a Catholic family in California and have since moved to Nevada. I went to school here at University of Nevada Reno where I received my degree in Communications. I now have a wife and two children whom I adore and take on many family trips. I have a pretty well paying job which I work remotely. I wanted to get a remote job as my priority because it would allow me to work from anywhere, which has been a priority in my life. Because I work remotely, I can work from most hotel rooms in some cool places around the world!

I started this blog for therapeutic purposes. I get ancy working from home with numbers exclusively and I wanted some way to portray myself in a creative fashion. It will be here where I allow my creative self to bloom. Since I’m always outside my house it seems, I decided to share myself to you all through blogs about my travel, and tips I have to share.

Hope you all enjoy.