Journey to Africa: What You Must Carry

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You have probably heard the claim that Africa is ‘the birthplace of humanity.’ But before there were humans, or even apes, or ape ancestors, there was…rock. Africa is the oldest and the most enduring landmass in the world. It is also the most tourist destination, and people travel from all over the world to take a view of its beauty.

Things You Need to Carry

Shoes for Hiking

If walking will be part of your adventures, note that there are acacia thorns that only shoes with thick soles of rubber can manage. Sturdy shoes are mandatory when visiting Africa.

Passport holder

For you to travel from one continent to another or country to country, you will need a passport. Likewise, to Africa, you will need a passport for your travel around and traverse Africa or to get into Africa. A holder is necessary and useful for protecting your passport.

Shower Sandals or Shoes

You need to carry shower shoes unless you are going to stay in a five- star hotel or resort where these will be available. They also help to shower if you will be camping as you will often be walking a lot outside.

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Portable Charger

Owing to the dependence level on electronic gadgets in this current generation, your device must remain charged at all times. You will need to update your twitter, WhatsApp profile and not forget Facebook.

First-Aid Kit

When waking through the bushes and thorns, there is a possibility that you will get some scrapes or cuts on your body. This is why your first aid kit is very instrumental when visiting Africa.

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Wet Wipes

Not all bathrooms will have soap and water, so you can use the wet wipes to clean your hands. If camping or your water goes out, or you have a hot, dusty bus ride, you can use them to freshen up.


Sanitation is a very crucial thing to consider. Not every nation in Africa has got the same sanitary standards. You should carry probiotics to keep your digestion and immunity strong as you go through the journey.


You won’t want to live in hiking shoes or rubber shoes since these may make the feet have some funny smell. Good pair of sandals are excellent for being comfortable on a long travel day under the hot African sun, e.g. Namibia.

Hiking Pants

Lightweight pants made from synthetic material are tremendous to have since they are very comfortable, antibacterial and protect the legs from mosquitoes.

Long Sleeved Shirt (Lightweight)

While in a malaria-prone region you should always wear shirts with long sleeves to cover the skin from mosquito bites. These should always be done in the evening is that the mosquitoes are many at the time. These can also help protect you from excess heat from the sun.

Lightweight Shirts

Always carry or pack loose shirts which are light in color since it gets hot that you may never want to wear tights, at least to feel some cool breeze

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Ladies always give their beauty the priority. A lady would not want her hair to turn or change color. Even to men with the same point of view should carry a buff to help keep their hair to its natural color.


One cannot see without the eyes, and so the eyes need to be protected from the hot African sun since you are close to the Equator. The sunglasses should have a guarantee for protection from UV rays for the health of the eyes.


Avoiding tap water is probably the first thing you should do to stay healthy. Bottled water is available everywhere and sometimes can be costly. The LifeStraw is a cheap and eco-friendly.

Travel Insurance

Getting you covered while on travel is very important since unexpected can happen and it will help you no matter what happens through your journey.

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