Top 10 Travel Destinations of 2019

this is a picture of mount helena in armenia one of the top ten destinations 2019

The new year has certainly brought about new opportunities for traveling around the world.  However, what if you can’t afford to travel? Not all people have the budget to go off on a tour right away.

If you are experiencing this dilemma, this article is for you.  We will try to give you some tips regarding how to travel on a budget while still enjoying yourself and going around the world.

Amazing Travel Destinations for 2019

The destinations below will definitely fulfill your traveling dreams without hurting your pockets.

Saint Helena Mountains, Armenia

The first destination that you can go to in 2019 without spending too much money is the Saint Helena Mountains in Armenia.  If you love nature and would want to get in touch with it without spending too much money, this is the best option for you.

San Antonio, Texas

Secondly, you can also go to San Antonio, Texas for that authentic Westside traveling adventure that you are craving for.  They serve authentic Mexican Food as well so you would have the best of both worlds in this particular place.

Puebla, Mexico

As the third option, you can add Puebla, Mexico to your list of destinations this 2019.  This particular location offers authentic Mexican culture and food as well as exquisite architecture.  You will certainly enjoy your stay here for the coming days.

this is an image of hawaii one of the top 10 destinations for 2019


Hawaii is another destination that you should definitely reach this 2019.  With low-cost carriers available, you won’t even have to spend too much money just to get to the islands.  However, be prepared to spend a lot once you land.

Be that as it may, you will still get the South Pacific to feel once you reach the island.

Laguna, Philippines

Laguna, Philippines is one of the most inexpensive destinations that you can get to this 2019.  It has hot springs as well as beautiful lakes like Pandin to keep you refresh during your vacation.  You will never regret adding this to your itinerary.


From the Philippines, you can go continue your Asian tour and segue into Singapore for a little bit of shopping.  If you want a mix of modern innovations and classic cultures, you ought to pay this place a visit.


If you don’t want to go shopping, why don’t you go to Tokyo Disneyland instead?  It’s just an hour’s plane ride away from the Philippines. If in case you would want a more sophisticated taste of Asian culture, this is still the place to go.

this is an image of japan one of the top 10 travel destination for 2019


If you live in the U.S., you can just cross the border into Canada without any hassles.  From here, you can visit Niagara Falls or the Rocky Mountains at your leisure.

Agra, India

If you choose to visit the Taj Mahal this year, Agra, India should be on your list.  It has many other than months if you can explore for sure aside from the palace. Just be ready to pay a hefty entrance fee to visit this famous Indian landmark.

Budapest, Hungary

Last but not least, you can also visit Budapest, Hungary.  If you really want to have an educational tour on your trip, this country in Eastern Europe can be answered your prayers.  It is home to many universities and has amazing parks to explore.


Travelling the world can be quite enjoyable.  Whatever you choose to do, you should not deprive yourself of seeing the world even under budget.  As they say, if there’s a will, there will always be a way.

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